Evergreen Pine Chalet [READY2BUILD]

Evergreen Pine Chalet [READY2BUILD]

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Plan Details

Size: 99m2 (Internal)
1 Bedrooms
 1 Bathrooms
Outside Parking Required

Estimated Building Cost: R 808 137
(Calculated at the national average building rate @ R8163 per m2)

Simple box design: If you are building on a budget this design suits you perfectly.

Building on sloped land can be expensive however this design minimizes site disturbance. By minimizing site disturbance combined with a simple box design results in a cost effective design.

Materials Used: The use of sheet materials both interior and exterior was intended to maximize efficiency of material. Main point of this was to highlight the cabins simple design. Site disturbance was also reduced effectively by implementing two concrete walls which effectively holds the box over the hillside making this design useful for sloped land.

Tranquil Views: The design allows the building to be effectively sited on sloped ground. This creates spectacular view at a relatively low cost. Living space is transformed into a scenic haven, just goes to show a limit in budget can easily be solved by thinking out of the box.

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