The Hanging Loft [READY2BUILD]

The Hanging Loft [READY2BUILD]

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Plan Details

Size: 72m2
Bedrooms: 1 Bedroom
Bathrooms: 1 Bathroom
Parking: Double Garage

Estimated Building Cost: R 587 736
(Calculated at the national average building rate @ R8163 per m2)

This 2 bedroom, 72m2 home utilizes a low-affect bored wharf establishment framework to suspend the structure gently on a lofty site; adjusting cut and fill while focusing in on the views and an extensive feel. With a significant part of the little inside spaces being allotted to openness, it turns into a configuration basic to catch outside space as a major aspect of the useful bit of the home.

A consistent transition between inside and outside environment is opened up by a solitary floor piece and overhead plane that join the private wing and the contradicting carport of the home. The subsequent secured territory expands the usable floor range utilizing at least building assets. A conspicuous rooftop oculus inside this secured “patio” space accommodates a dynamic inside/outside space straightforwardly adjoining indoor living space and in addition advances a cooling wind stream through the frequently unforgiving smaller scale atmosphere of the site.


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