Concrete Marvel [READY2BUILD]

Concrete Marvel [READY2BUILD]

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Plan Details

Size (Internal): 105m2
Bedrooms: 2 Bedrooms
Bathrooms: 2 Bathrooms
Parking: Outside Parking Required

Estimated Building Cost: R 857 115
(Calculated at the national average building rate @ R8163 per m2)

The concrete marvel is a two bedroom house. It is linear in layout and is the ideal minimalist home. Nothing more, nothing less than is required. Clean finishes and straight lines makes this an “easy to clean” home and keeps harmony by eliminating clutter. Outdoor access from all rooms allows pleasant outdoor living for the adventurous and allows plenty of natural lighting and ventilation. This dwelling is easy to keep low on electrical consumption, and is also a great entertainer, ideal for the starter family or young couple.


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